Fall Flower Color disappearing?  Let us know if you have any concerns.  Hungry bunnies or grub worms may be at work.

November Flower Tips

Our North Texas weather has created a healthy environment for grub worms this year. When your fall flowers were planted we put down an insecticide to treat the grub worms. If you have noticed your pansies are dying from grub worms let us know. We will retreat your beds at no charge. Once we have a good cold front come through the grub worms will die off. If your flowers are disappearing that may be the work of rabbits which would need rabbit repellent.

Special Services

Rabbit Repellant
An organic application that keeps rabbits from eating your tender flowers. One treatment usually lasts 3-4 months.
Winterizing your Sprinkler System
Sprinklers need to be adjusted for our winter weather. Please do not turn your sprinkler system off as your landscape and flowers still need water even in the winter months.
Mulch in your Landscape Beds
2-3 inches of mulch in your landscape beds protects the plant roots in the winter. It also helps to retain moisture keeping your soil from drying out as quickly.