Landscape Designers in North Texas

After graduating from Texas Tech University in 1989 with degrees in Landscape Architecture, Jeff and Kronda Thimesch founded Green Meadows Landscaping as a full service landscape design and maintenance company for the North Texas area.

They now have over 50 years of combined experience in the landscape industry. Jeff handles the landscaping and maintenance sales for Green Meadows Landscaping. Kronda handles the marketing and community service opportunities.

Jeff started his business mowing lawns in Carrollton, TX at the age of 14. His lawn mowing business helped put him through college. Kronda grew up in New Orleans creating garden spaces, annual and perennial flower gardens. Kronda specializes in English Cottage Designs, perennial and butterfly gardens.

Meet Our Team

As Green Meadows has continued to grow, we have hired team members to help provide the best experience for you. Each landscaping and maintenance account has a field supervisor that will oversee your work.  We provide continuing education for our employees so that they know how to provide the best care to your outdoor living areas.   If we are on your property and see an area of concern, we will leave a door hanger on your door.

Mike Reece is our Service Maintenance Manger.  Mike oversees the daily operations for our landscape maintenance and mowing crews.  His responsibilities also include flower color change out, fertilization, and weed control.

David Raichel is a Maintenance Assistant works with Mike Reece.  David oversees the fertilization and weed control programs for our maintenance clients.  David is also a Licensed Irrigator.  If your sprinkler needs help David will be the person working for you.

Justin Thimesch is a Landscape Assistant.  Justin graduated from Oklahoma State University in May 2016 with a degree in Landscape Construction.

Bryan Lynch is a Landscape Assistant. Bryan works on bids, landscape projects, and scheduling for our clients.

Miguel Perez is a Landscape Assistant works with Jeff Thimesch.  Miguel handles the details of day to day operations for landscape projects.

Kerri Tamberelli  is our office receptionist.  When you call in you will often hear Kerri who works to keep our office organized and running smoothly.

Arleen is our Office Manager.  Arleen handles all of our billing and accounting, human resources, and general office details, keeping us on track.

Mary Chavez  is a Landscape Assistant.  Mary works on details of the scheduling and behind the scene details that go into each landscape project for our clients.

Green Meadows Office Team