Do you have brown grass and yellow, withered looking shrubs?
Did you turn off your sprinklers when you went on vacation?

If the answer is yes, then you may have a (lack of) water issue. For the first time in several years our spring/summer weather has been very dry. Lack of water is the number one issue we are seeing in landscapes across North Texas.
Our recommendation is to water at a minimum two times a week and twice a day. Water at 6AM and again at 8PM 15 minutes at each station. For rotors water 25 minutes at each station. With daily 100 degree temperatures additional hand watering is required. Make sure you also know your city and HOA water restrictions.
Do not turn off your sprinklers when you leave for vacation or when we get a light rain. Rain/freezer sensors will adjust your sprinklers automatically. Not watering for a week is enough to permanently damage your shrubs in this heat.
If you have questions please call our office 972-492-5495.