We know Fall can be a busy time of year for families.  Please take a few minutes to walk through your landscape or schedule an appointment for one of our managers to walk through your landscape. An ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of cure especially when it comes to weeds and overgrown plants in the landscape.
A few areas to consider:
  • Mulch: Recommend twice a year to prevent weeds and hold in moisture
  • Weeds: Remove weeds before they go to seed in the landscape multiplying your work next spring
  • Pruning:  Prune diseased plants no more than 25% this fall. More pruning can be done in the winter months. Perennials can be pruned back once we have a hard frost and the plants have died back.  Check all Knock Out Roses for the Rosette Disease that has affected a lot of roses in the North Dallas Area
  • Shade trees: Best planted in the fall.

The Holidays are almost here!

It is time to schedule your Christmas Lights installation if you haven’t already. We begin installation the 1st week of November.  This time frame enables us to complete as many installations as possible before Thanksgiving, giving you the opportunity to turn on your lights the day after Thanksgiving for full enjoyment of your Christmas Lights display for the season.  Reserve your spot by October 15th to guarantee installation by Thanksgiving.  Limited spots available.