After 25 years of working in our community, it is simply a joy when an individual takes the time to share their experience in working with us.  Ms. Smith was kind enough to take the time to articulate her experiences and her comments also go a long way towards illustrating how we strive to serve each and every customer.  

My husband and I have lived in our home for six years.  I have dreamed of landscaping our backyard but could not decide what I wanted.  We looked at extending our concrete patio and adding adjustable patio covers.  After meeting with the contractors I saw that allot of money was required and we would only receive concrete and metal for our money.  It was clear we would not get the desired look we were looking for.
With that being said, I decided to research landscaping designs.  The internet provided many, many options and ideas.  I printed the designs I felt would work best in our yard.  After the general landscape was explored I needed a landscape contractor.  Again, the internet provided many, many contractors whom would not return my calls or they did not meet our needs.
My husband was pumping gas at a station in Allen, Tx and noticed a landscape contractor pumping gas next to him.  My husband began to discuss our landscape needs and inquired if he would be available to analyze our project.  This contractor said his company did not perform landscape design any longer but recommended Green Meadows Landscaping.  My husband passed me the name and telephone number.  I immediately viewed the website and was very impressed.
I contacted Green Meadows Landscaping and Oscar came to represent.  He was very customer service orientated.  I showed him the ideas I had printed, he had some suggestions and we began to discussed the scope of the job.  I never imagined this backyard overhaul would take on such a life of it’s own.  Oscar and I met three times, he provided me with drawings and detailed expenses each time and brought Drew to our last meeting.  I had changes every time we spoke or met.  Oscar took these changes and accommodated me with a smile and reassurance that every change was attainable.
My project began with a vision.  A fantastic, extremely skilled, patient, mild mannered and meticulous crew made my vision a reality!  The stone work is amazing and I am certain with the installation of the the plants it will transform our backyard into a vision out of any outdoor living magazine.  I cannot thank Oscar and his crew enough for the spectacular job they performed in the Texas heat and always exhibited customer service above and beyond any expectations my husband and I ever had.   I would not hesitate to recommend Green Meadows Landscaping to others.
Again thanks,
Barney & Elaine Smith

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