Senior Paws is a program that provides dog and cat food for pets whose owners are home bound. Green Meadows Landscaping has supported Senior Paws for over four years.  Green Meadows collects pet food and delivers it to Meals on Wheels of North Texas in Denton, TX.  We appreciate the support of our clients and friends who have generously donated pet food over the years.  One of our young clients asked her birthday guests to donate pet food for Senior Paws in lieau of birthday gifts.
Senior Paws is a division of Meals On Wheels of North Texas. (SPANN)  The Senior Paws provides dog and cat food for pets so that their owners do not have to share their hot meal.  A problem that Meals on Wheels wanted to solve for their clients.
Pet food can be dropped off at our Green Meadows Offices or tax deductible donations made to SPANN.  We will deliver both to the Meals on Wheels Office up in Denton.  Please let us know if you have any questions?
Green Meadows Landscaping 972-492-5495 or emails us at [email protected]
Donations can be dropped off at our offices at 724 Holford’s Prairie Road, Lewisville, TX  75056