Simplify your gardening this year!  Choose your flowers and Green Meadows Landscaping will plant them for you.

Our flower planting schedule is filling up quickly so order yours today.  We are scheduling annuals to be planted in mid April, this ensures that we are past the last frost date for North Texas.
Annual flowers give a consistent showing of color throughout the growing season.  Choices include flowers for both full sun and shaded areas.  Prices include planting.
Browse through the choices of colors and mulch.  Reply back to Arleen at [email protected] with the flower type, color and quantity including mulch choices/amount by March 31, 2014.  If you have questions please do not hesitate to call our office.


Red, Pink, White, and Mix – Annual
Begonias are steady performers and do surprising well in our Texas heat.  Fertilizing with Super Bloom increases flower color throughout the growing season.  Shade to partial sun. 12-18″ in height

$35.00 per flat

Moss RoseMoss Rose

Mixed Colors – Annual

Moss Rose are very drought tolerant.  Enjoy
hot summers and do well as a border.  Full Sun 4-6″ in height
$35 per flat

Pink, White, Red, or Violet – Annual
Pentas attract butterflies!  Do well as a border. Full sun to partial shade. 8-12″ in height
$45 per flat

Yellow, Orange, or Confetti – Perennial  
Lantana attracts butterflies and other wildlife!

Can be perennial depending on our winters.  Full sun to partial Sun.  12-24″ in height.
$45 per flat

Vinca Cora

Pink, White, Red, Violet & Mix – Annual
Fertilizing with Super Bloom increases flower color throughout the growing season.  Full to partial sun.  Height 18-24″
$35 per flat  (May planting)


verbenaPurple Verbena

Purple – perennial
Verbena attracts butterflies and other wildlife!  Verbenas are

drought tolerant and can be planted as a border.  4-6″ in height.  Full sun to partial sun.
$50 per flat

Potato VinePotato Vine

Yellow – annual
Potato vine makes an excellent ground cover.  6″ in height

and 3-5′ spread.  Does extremely well during our hot summers. Full sun to full shade.
$65 per flat


Yellow, Green/Burgundy, Yellow/Red – Annual
Coleus makes a dramatic statement when planted in front of evergreen shrubs performing well through our hot summers.

Plant in full sun or partial shade.  Full sun to partial sun.  18-24″ in height
$45 a flat


Pink/Green, Red/Green, White/Green- Annual
Caladiums are perfect for shady areas.  Their brightly colored leaves add a splash of color to any landscape.  18-24″ in height.  Partial sun to full shade.

$60 per flat


Yellow, Red, Pink, Orange – Annual
Hibiscus give a tropical feel to your landscape with dark green leaves and deep colors.  Full sun.  Height 3′
$35 per 3 gallon plant


dark mulch Hardwood Mulch

Dark Colored
The dark color blends in well with the soil to
give a natural look.

Mulch should be 2-3″ think to provide insulation from our temperatures, and limit evaporation of water.  Generally use 1 bag of mulch per 2 flats of flower color.
$6.75 per 2 cubic ft bag

Cedar MulchCedar Mulch

Light Colored
Cedar mulch naturally deters insects.  The light color provides a clean look to your landscape.  Generally use 1 bag of mulch per 2 flats of flower color.
$6.75 per 2 cubic ft bag


nullRabbit Repellant

Discourage Bunnies from eating your flowers!
We have had success with a new product that deters bunnies from making a salad out of your newly planted flowers.
$5.00 per flat of flowers planted


Fire Ant Control

Protect your family and pets from Fire Ants 
Top Choice controls fire ants for one year with just one application.
Call for an estimate 972-492-5495