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Creating a stone border around your landscape gives a visual exclamation point to your landscape.  It defines the borders between your lawn and landscape.  Stone borders can last for decades if designed and built well.  Green Meadows Landscaping has built stone borders for clients that have lasted for twenty years.
Green Meadows Landscaping has developed a list of a few questions that helps you make sure your final product is what you want:
1) Does the bed shape and design compliment the style of my house?
2) Does the bed size and design look good from the street? Ask yourself about the curb appeal, what do others think? What would a relator think?
3) What will be the mature size of my landscape plants?  A general rule of thumb – give your plants room to grow.  Layer heights and textures rather than having one long row of “foundation plantings”.   Think about possible overcrowding in 3-5 years.
4) What type and color of stone will compliment your home or office?  The color of the stone makes a style statement.  Lighter colors tend to focus your eye on the stone and can also look more contemporary in the landscape.  Darker colors recede allowing your eye to focus more on the landscape.
5) What type of stone would you like to choose?  There are more options on the market everyday:  man made or natural stone?  Your HOA’s may have requirements on what type of stone can be used in your front landscape beds.  Some types of stone lend themselves more naturally to dry stacking, while others should be concreted in to last.
6) What about foot traffic (literally)?  Will your border be used as a short cut from one side of your house to the other?  For young families or young neighbors the answer is usually yes.  Dry stacked stone can fall causing nasty spills.  Flagstone laid as a topper without being concreted in can also cause falls.
Green Meadows Landscaping thinks about the lasting value and impact of a stone border when customizing a border for a client.  Start by asking great questions to guarantee results you love.