Flowers make a colorful impact on your landscape.You can save money by taking a few simple steps:

  • Read labels carefully for full sun or shade tolerant plants.  If the label says partial sun or shade do not plant in afternoon sun.  A few hours of sun from noon-4:00 is enough to burn tender flower color. Our afternoon sun is should be regarded as full sun when planting flowers.
  • Choose perennials – they come back year after year.  Limit the size of your annual flower color beds by planting perennials as a backdrop.  Lots of perennials attract butterflies and humming birds.  Most bell shaped flowers attract hummingbirds.
  • Create splashes of color for a more dramatic impact than a continuous hedge of flower color.  Annual Flowers generally bloom from Spring until Fall.  Fertilize once a month to encourage continuous blooms throughout the growing season.  Plant annuals as a border in front of a perennial garden to create focal points in your landscape.