The Summer landscape creates a visual bouquet of colors and textures that draws you into the landscape.  The bright flowers create an English Cottage feel.  The continuous color blooms from early spring until fall.
The Winter landscape lacks a clear focal point. There is no “bones” to the structure that draws in the eye.  The perennials have died back leaving an empty landscape without a true focal point.
Creating structure in the landscape is an important part of your winter landscape.  Transforming this small area provides a unique opportunity to balance the perennials flower color with evergreens that provide structure during our winter months.
Now is an excellent time to think about the “bones” of your landscape garden.  Are there areas that lack a clear vision or focal point?  Look at your front yard closest to your entrance of the home, and see if the winter landscape draws your eye towards the entrance of your home?  Take a look out your living room or kitchen windows.  Is it visually attractive in the winter?  What are one or two things that you can do to add a pop of texture or color?  Often times a simple change can be done without breaking the bank.
Call us if you need suggestions on creating a winter focal point in your landscape.