The 2013 mow season is upon us as we enjoy warmer temperatures.  Green Meadows is now scheduling lawns to begin mowing the first week of April.  If you would like lawn service before April 1 please call our office.

Tips for Spring!

Getting ready for spring includes a couple of simple steps to get your lawn healthy and ready for the warmer weather.
Lawn Mowers: Need to be cleaned and mower blades sharpened. Carefully remove lawn mower blades and wash with water and a couple of tablespoons of clorox to remove any diseases carried over from last year. Take your blade to a local lawn service shop to have it professional sharpened. This will allow your lawn mower to work more effectively. If you have not had your lawn mower serviced recently this would be the time for a tune up to extend the life of your lawn mower.
First Mow: Generally we begin mowing the first week of April. Take your lawn mower down half a notch lower for the first mow of the year. DO NOT scalp your lawn. This is an outdated practice that actually does more harm than good by providing an entry into your lawn for insects and diseases.
Bagging or Mulching your lawn clippings? Mulching your clippings prevents waste going into our landfills. It also puts nutrients back into your lawn, as the grass decomposes feeding your lawn. A mulcher is a small attachment that can be added to your mower that allows you to mulch the grass clippings as you mow spreading those clippings back into the lawn, or you may use a mulching blade. If you have lawn burs or lots of flowering weeds bag instead of mulch, mulching can multiply the problem. Need help getting weeds under control? Give our office a call.