Do not scalp your lawn. “Scalping your lawn” was once thought to be helpful in getting rid of dead grass, and providing sunlight for new grass to come in. We now know that scalping a lawn does more harm than good. I occasionally see homeowners scalping and bagging their lawn in March as they get ready for the Spring. This technique actually encourages insects and diseases rather than producing a healthy lawn.
Lawns can be mowed at any point if you want to clean up the appearance of your yard. Once your lawn turns green you can begin mowing weekly. Set your lawn mower so that you are mowing about one third of the leaf area. Do not bag your lawn clippings. An attachment set to your mower will mulch the clippings and blow it back onto your lawn. This allows the grass clippings to decompose and create a healthy soil environment for you lawn.
The Green Meadows weekly mowing season will begin on April 1st. We will mow lawns February-March as needed. Please contact our office to schedule.