Plan now for cooler temperatures & Winter Rye!
Winter Rye has several benefits for the home owner and real estate agents.  The lush green lawn adds instant curb appeal.  Perfect for the home owner selling their home in the dormant winter months.   Winter is traditionally a difficult time to sell a home.   Winter Rye solves the problem with a dramatic accent to the landscape that sets you apart from the neighbors.  A green lush lawn can also hide other less appealing aspects of a landscape by focusing on a great looking lawn.
If Santa Clause is bringing a puppy for Christmas consider planting winter rye this September. It makes potty training so much easier. Our dog Belle loves going outside in the cold winter temperatures and she will even potty in the snow without complaints if there is a patch of green grass for her!  Scratchy dormant grass makes it more difficult to puppy train.
Like a clean house?  Winter Rye also prevents the constant flow of dead grass and dirt coming into the house during the long winter months.  The Rye grass fills in quickly and holds down the amount of dirt and debris that gets brought into the home or office.
Here are details & common questions:
Yes, winter rye needs to be mowed during the winter months. Some homeowners can slide by with mowing every other week depending on our seasonal temperatures.
Winter Rye Grass | Winter Landscape Maintenance and Lawn CareYou CANNOT use a pre-emergent application in September. If you are on a regular fertilization & weed control program let your service provider know not apply this last application because you are seeding winter rye.
Winter Rye is traditionally seeded in September but may be later if the temperatures remain too warm for germination.
Questions? Call us, we are happy to help.