Castle Hills Elementary PTA and Green Meadows Landscaping are proud to present their 9th tree planted in honor of Arbor Day on June 3 on the Castle Hills Elementary Campus.  Green Meadows Landscaping chose a Russian Olive to be planted for the 2011 Arbor Day tree.
All of Castle Hills elementary classes came out to celebrate the tree planting with several students pitching in to help Mrs. Blake put the finishing touches on the tree.  The tree planted was delayed because of Castle Hills Elementary being closed for TAKS testing on April 29, 2011.
Nine tree have been planted by Castle Hills Elementary PTA and Green Meadows Landscaping.  You may do a walking tour of the campus and find a marker with the common tree names, latin names and date planted.
The Russian Olive has silver leaves and is distinct from any other trees planted at Castle Hills Elementary.  The tree was planted in the back of the school closer to the gym drop off and circular drive.  The tree will be maintained by the Castle Hills Elementary PTA Environmental Chair Jennifer Muskovich and Green Meadows Landscaping through the summer to ensure adequate watering in our Texas heat.
Castle Hills Elementary is located at 1025 Holy Grail in Lewisville, TX